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CMA Law is a full-service firm that specializes in litigation. It handles criminal, civil and commercial cases, administrative cases, intra-corporate cases, land registration cases, domestic relations cases, labor disputes, tax cases, government procurement projects, and construction arbitration.

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The Firm…

“No quarter asked, No quarter given.” This is the principle which the lawyers in CHAVEZ MIRANDA ASEOCHE LAW OFFICES subscribe to when handling the cases of their clients.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Law

The Firm has a strong and extensive practice in the field of criminal law. Whether defending our clients or serving as private prosecutors, the Firm’s lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving crimes that run the gamut, from felonies under the Revised Penal Code to special laws.

General Civil Law

The Firm’s wide array of experience in handling cases in the field of civil law includes actions for specific performance, rescission of contracts, torts, and damages, and negligence, among others. The Firm also deals with all kinds of property disputes involving both real and personal properties.

Corporate Law

In the establishment and management of complex business activities, the Firm provides extensive legal assistance on a myriad of corporate issues and ensures client compliance with business regulations. It also represents its clients in commercial litigation involving intra-corporate disputes, derivative suits, and the like.

Family Law

Family law is a wide area of practice – one in which the Firm has an established expertise. Its practice involves all aspects of persons, family, and domestic and matrimonial relations, including adoption, child custody, property relations in marriage, legal separation, and annulment.

Environmental Law

The Firm is well-experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to environmental laws and the issues arising from them. It assists its clients in securing licenses and permits for different projects as well as represents them in civil, administrative and criminal litigations involving or arising from environmental laws.

Taxation Law

The Firm is frequently called on to render expert advice on complex national and local taxation controversies, including those involved in estate, employment, tax treaties, and tax compliance, among others. Its lawyers are likewise experienced in representing clients in tax litigation such as administrative protests and claims for refund.

The Founder


Atty. Frank Chavez

"No quarter asked, No quarter given"

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