Carl Jon P. Mucho

Senior Associate

Atty. Carl Jon P. Mucho obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Literature, with honors, from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. He then enrolled in the UP College of Law with exemptions after ranking in the top one percentile of those who took the Law Aptitude Exams (LAE) of that year.

In the law school, Atty. Mucho pursued scholarly and advocacy work with positive results. His dissertation on Tobacco Regulation, for instance, was awarded best paper for its category. The ideas presented in his paper would later be validated with the passage of legal reforms emulating his proposals on the ideal tax rates for the sale and purchase of tobacco products in the country.

After finishing his Juris Doctor degree program at the UP College of Law, Atty. Mucho took the bar examination and passed. He was admitted as a member of the bar the following year.
At present, Atty. Mucho devotes his undivided attention to criminal, civil, and labor litigation for the law firm with a relevant emphasis on pre-trial, trial, and appellate work. He also handles public commercial transactions involving the procurement of goods and services of national importance for the government. On a regular basis, Atty. Mucho manages the evolving concerns and issues of the retained clients of the law firm at any given time of all days in a week.