Did you know?

Atty. Frank Chavez

Did you know?

The late Francisco Ibrado Chavez, whom we all came to know as “Frank Chavez”, is the Founding Partner of the Chavez Miranda Aseoche Law Offices.

Atty. Chavez was chosen Bar Examiner in remedial law in 1985 (youngest at 38) and appointed Solicitor General of the Philippines in 1987 (youngest at 40). For law, justice and people, he fought the abuses and corruption of the governments of Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo — in the process contributing to Philippine jurisprudence no less than seventy (70) cases decided by the Supreme Court.

In December 2008, Atty. Chavez has been conferred a lifetime achievement award as “Tribune of the People” in recognition of his unwavering fight these past 38 years for freedom, justice, human rights, honesty in government service, and Constitutional advocacy.

Atty. Chavez devoted himself exclusively to private law practice and filed with the Supreme Court several public interest cases involving Constitutional and human rights, anomalous government contracts, and dishonesty in public service, among others. He, likewise, apportioned some of his time providing free legal services to the poor, the needy, and the oppressed with particular concern for sexually abused children by providing free legal services for the prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment of offenders.

To this day, Chavez Miranda Aseoche Law Offices continues and preserves his unparalleled contributions and legacy in the legal climate of the Philippines.

The late Francisco Ibrado Chavez
“Frank Chavez”